Environmental Protection and Certification

Our long-standing experience when it comes to quality and the environment led us to certify both areas in 1993.

  • In 1994, an integrated management system (IMS) of quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational health & safety was set up.
  • The quality and environmental protection aspects were certified in 1995. The ISO 9001 quality standard was already long-established on the market, so all we had to do was “sign up”.

In the case of EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme), previously known as eco-audit, we were the first company in Europe to implement this management system.

  • In 1998, environment management was integrated according to the ISO 14001 standard – Responsible Care (Chemical Industry).
  • In 2001, we were presented with the German environmental award in the area of Responsible Care. During this time, data protection was also integrated into the management system.
  • In 2005, we were also awarded the Ethics Prize for our efforts in the areas of staff, environment and exemplary organisation.

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