ATCOAT production is distinguished by its highly technological and automated production system as well as a skilled, qualified and coordinated production team.

The systems for the production of consolidated powder polyester, solvent-based, liquid alkyd resins & polyester, and alkyd emulsions are separate from each other so that any kind of contamination can be avoided and compromises to the system design do not need to be found. The process control system which was upgraded to the latest standards at the end of 2007 makes high levels of efficiency possible and guarantees the permanent monitoring/control over the production process.

Alongside a pilot system, which enables a quick and optimum scale-up from the development lab to the production, there are a number of reactor sizes available for large batch operation. Numerous stainless steel – thinning tanks / storage tanks in various sizes complement the production system for liquid resin.

Regular maintenance ensures operational safety while the constant readiness to invest not only keeps the standards of technology up-to-date, but also shows a company looking to the future.

Despite the high levels of automation ATCOAT remains flexible in its ability to tailor itself to meet individual customer wishes and implement new ideas fast. Utmost customer satisfaction is our motivation.