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Press Release Atcoat GmbH



KANSAI HELIOS has signed a share purchase agreement with the owner of CWS/ATCOAT/ATCOAT Hamburg, Mr. Hans-Helmuth Schmidt, to acquire 100 % share of CWS Lackfabrik GmbH and its group companies ATCOAT, ATCOAT Hamburg, CWS Powder Coatings.
After the fulfillment of closing conditions, KANSAI HELIOS will become the new owner.

It was not an easy decision for Mr. Schmidt to sell the family company with more than 150 years of tradition. However, with KANSAI HELIOS, which also have a long tradition, he found the right successor, which fits the culture of CWS and promise to protect the history and tradition of the brands.

ATCOAT is on a successful course but we are still a small, medium-sized company and it becomes more and more challenging for us to deal with the growing complexity of regulations and requirements, the energy transition and a few issues more.
Hence, we appreciate to become part of the KANSAI HELIOS family, which gives us the advantages of a large group but still respects our “soul” and is showing a strong commonality in values.
I am convinced that with this step we will move our business forward mastering the challenges and taking opportunities of the future together.

Nothing will change for our valued customers. Brand names, contact persons and production site remain unchanged.

If there is any further question, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Dr. Monika Schneider
Managing Director ATCOAT GmbH and ATCOAT Hamburg GmbH